The Adelaide Review & The Melbourne Review

The Circle and the Equator’, Kyra Giorgi, February 2017.

Nutshell, Ian McEwan, November 2016

The Lesser Bohemians, Eimear McBride,  September 2016

The Memory Artist, Katherine Brabon, August 2016

A Loving Faithful Animal, Josephine Rowe, June 2016

The Bricks that Built the Houses, Kate Tempest, May 2016

Public Library and other stories, Ali Smith, March 2016

Golden Years, Ali Eskandarian, February 2015

Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl, Carrie Brownstein, January 2015

The Hollow of the Hand, PJ Harvey & Seamus Murphy, December 2015

Sleepers Almanac X, November 2015

The Secret Son, Jenny Ackland, October 2015

The Salty River, Jan Bauer, September 2015

Double Exposure, Kat Clay, August 2015

Leap, Myfanwy Jones, July 2015.

These Are the Names, Tommy Wieringa, June 2015.

The Buried Giant, Kazuo Ishiguro, May 2015.

Satin Island, Tom McCarthy, April 2015.

Clade, James Bradley, March 2015.

Skylight, Jose Saramago, February 2015.

Captives, Angela Meyer, January 2015.

Merciless Gods, Christos Tsiolkas, December 2014.

Cherry Bomb, Jenny Valentish, November 2014.

The Children Act, Ian McEwan, October 2014

The Strays, Emily Bitto, August 2014

The Promise, Tony Birch, May 2014

Sleepers Almanac 9, April 2014

The Secret Maker of the World, Abbas El-Zein, March 2014

The Great Unknown, Angela Meyer (ed), February 2014

The Best of McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Chris Monks and John Warner (eds), February 2014

Dead Interviews, Dan Crowe (ed), January 2014

God’s Dog, Diego Marani, January 2014

A Girl is a Half-formed Thing, Eimear McBride, December 2013.

The Circle, Dave Eggers, December 2013.

Murder in Mississippi, John Safran, November 2013.

Barracuda, Christos Tsiolkas, November 2013.

1913, Florian Illies, October 2013.

What Was Left, Eleanor Limprecht, September 2013.

Cairo, Chris Womersley, September 2013.

Holy Bible, Vanessa Russell, August 2013.

Gardens of Fire, Robert Kenny, August 2013.

The Illusion of Separateness, Simon van Booy, July 2013.

Nothing Gold Can Stay, Ron Rash, July 2013.

The China Factory, Mary Costello, June 2013.

Night Games, Anna Krien, June 2013.

This Isn’t The Sort of Thing That Happens to Someone Like You, Jon McGregor, May 2013.

The Last of the Vostyachs, Diego Marani, May 2013.

The Secret Lives of Men, Georgia Blain, April 2013.

Becoming Human by Design, Tony Fry, April 2013.

Tenth of December, George Saunders, March 2013.

Konkretion, Marion May Campbell, March 2013.

The Rosie Project, Graeme Simsion, February 2013.

Cat and Fiddle, Lesley Jørgensen, February 2013.

Fleshy Husks and Brittle Bones: Visible Ink 24. January 2013.

Best Australian Essays 2012, Ramona Koval (ed), December 2012.

The Yellow Birds, Kevin Powers, November 2012.

Griffith Review 38: The Novella Project, November 2012.

Hawthorn and Child, Keith Ridgway, October 2012.

Sweet Tooth, Ian McEwan, October 2012.

Pilgrimage, Jacinta Halloran, September 2012.

The Rest is Weight, Jennifer Mills, August 2012 .

Tarcutta Wake, Josephine Rowe, August 2012 .

The Dinner, Herman Koch, August 2012

HHhH, Laurent Binet, July 2012.

The Weight of a Human Heart, Ryan ONeill, June 2012 .

Running Dogs, Ruby J.Murray, May 2012.

The Cove, Ron Rash, Ron Rash, April 2012

Mateship with Birds, Carrie Tiffany, March 2012.

Private Journal of a Voyage to Australia 1838-39, James Bell, February 2012.

Guilt, Ferdinand von Schirach, February 2012

The Magic of Reality, Richard Dawkins and Dave McKean,  December 2011

What the Family Needed, Steven Amsterdam, December 2011

Highly Inappropriate Tales for Young People, Douglas Coupland and Graham Roumieu, December 2011

The Penguin Book of Australian War Writing, edited by Mark Dapin, December 2011

Griffith Review 34: The Annual Fiction Edition, November 2011.

The Street Sweeper: Eliot Perlman, November 2011

House of Sticks: Peggy Frew, November 2011

All That I Am: Anna Funder, October 2011

Melbourne: Sophie Cunningham, October 201.

Wish You Were Here: Graham Swift., August 2011.

Solar, Ian McEwan, April 2010.

Transnational Literature

Prohibited Zone: Alastair Sarre Transnational Literature Vol. 4 no. 1, November 2011.

The Age

Art house dramas and the danger of satire Age (Melbourne), 03/07/2010, Review, A2: Culture and Life. Review of David Musgrave, Glissando

Fantasy fascists out of time Age (Melbourne), 02/04/2010, Review, A2: Culture and Life, p.29. Review of Roberto Bolano, Nazi Literature in the Americas

Arabian tales, suburban spice Age (Melbourne), 12/12/2009, Review, A2: Culture and Life, p.29. Review of David Foster, Sons of the Rumour

Crossing the Line of Art and Race Age (Melbourne), 21/01/2006, Review, A2: Culture and Life, p.28. Review of Caryl Phillips, Dancing in the Dark.

Worlds and identities converge in collective post-war romp, Sunday Age (Melbourne), 02/10/2005, Extra, p.17. Review of Wu Ming 54.

Timely Tale of Terror, Age (Melbourne), 24/09/2005, Review, p.5. Review of James Meek, The People’s Act of Love.