David Sornig is the author of two books. 

Blue Lake (2018) is a historical, biographical and personal excursion through the former West Melbourne Swamp and the Great Depression-era shanty town, Dudley Flats.

Spiel (2009) is a novel about a young architect in Berlin caught in a loop of of complicity with sins minor and monumental.

Blue Lake was adapted for ABC Radio National’s History Listen and was the winner of a Judges’ Special Prize in the 2019 Victorian Community History Awards.

David has twice been a finalist in the Melbourne Prize for Literature Writer’s Prize for the essays ‘Jubilee: a hymn for Elsie Williams on Dudley Flats’ (2015) and ‘Thirteen Men at the Sack of Troy’ (2021).

In 2008 he was a Charles Pick Fellow in Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia and in 2015 was a State Library of Victoria Creative Fellow.